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Manarom Corporate Service is committed to providing quality psychological services that integrate allspheres of life. Operated under the asministration of Manarom Hospital, a leading private mentalhealth hospital in Thailand, Manarom Center provides personalized, innovative, and comprehensive services for business organization; manely, psychological testing, corporate training, and employee assistance program.


HR Psychotest Service

A company's workforce represents the organization's most valuable asset. How employees perform their jobs is the key factor in determining the success of the company. However, every individual, either a job applicant or an employee, differs along many dimensions especially in personal characteristics, innate ability, strengths, and weaknesses and motivational levels. Manarom HR Psychotest Services assist your organization through offering better approaches to employee selection that provide an excellent starting point for predicting future success.

Our psychometric tests help you to recruit the best persons available for the jobs.


Manarom Cognitive Ability Assessment+ Factor Analysis


Basic Competency Assessment


Manarom Personality Inventory


Manarom Resilience Psychotest

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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services