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About Us

Introducing Manarom Hospital

As the nation's first and only private hospital for mental and behavioral healthcare, Manarom Hospital is committed to attain and enhance the leadership role in behavioral health, mental health, and psychiatric services.

Manarom offers our clients individualized levels of care in a tranquil and healing environment. Our highly qualified multidisciplinary staff strives to provide the highest level of psychiatric care possible for every clientele (children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly) through a continuum of care that includes diagnostic evaluation, treatment, prevention, education, relapse prevention and aftercare. We aim to provide services covering all aspects of mental health and psychiatry for outpatient services, inpatient care and day program. Manarom Hospital aims to satisfy the growing needs of the general public in terms of:
• Comprehensive information and education on mental health care
• Access to skilled and professional expertise
• Access to a modern, high quality and fully equipped treatment facility
• Friendly and individualized service
• Effective and proven techniques for treatment
• Healing environment and setting
Our established Core Values form the guidelines for the actions towards arriving at our set goals.

Our Philosophy | Vision | Mission

Our Philosophy
Good mental health is the cornerstone of the quality of life, family and society

To be the leader in mental healthcare by setting the highest standard of excellence through our commitment to service, compassion, ethics, and fair treatment for all.

• To provide world-class services in mental health and psychiatric care and to be the provider of choice
• To adhere to the professional code of ethics and good governance.
• To provide therapeutic services through a team of highly qualified, skilled and caring professionals; integrating various aspects of the body and the mind for the well being of each individual.
• To commit to employee development and continuous education, and to contribute to the Thai mental health promotion and program.

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services