Manarom Learning and Development Center (MLD Center)

MLD center provides evaluation and therapy for children of all ages with sensory integration, sensory modulation, motor planning, visual motor, fine motor, and gross motor delay.

The term sensory integration refers to the neurological process of taking in sensory information through the body and organizing this information to be able to respond in a functional way to meet the demands of the environment, home, school, and community settings. Because sensory integration involves the connection between brain/body and the social/verbal, it affects the whole child and impacts every aspect of a child/s life. Red flags in child development may include inflexibility to changes in routines, constant movement which interferes with daily routines, falls frequently, difficulty maintaining self on a chair and lack of exploration. At MLD center, our psychologist and/or occupational therapist will assess a child's psychological processing and combine some or all of the components of sensory and motor modalities to plan for therapy.

How do I know my child needs an evaluation of developmental delay or disorder?
If your child exhibits any problematic behaviors or tendencies of a sensory or motor basis, such as

   difficulty in acquiring age-appropriate motor skills

   does not play with other children

   difficulty recognizing or forming letters

   cannot handle transitions

   always on-the-go, never finishes a task, and exhibits risky behaviors


If you are concerned that your child's behaviors or tendencies may have a sensory or motor basis, contact our MLD center.

To schedule an appointment, Please call Manarom Hospital 02-725-9595 or 02-399-2822