Manarom Development Center : MDC

          Manarom works with companies on a one-to-one basis to create high-impact learning experiences that are tailored to the needs of each firm. Each organization faces different dynamics and challenges, a custom program can be developed to strengthen the leadership capacity of executives individually and of the organization as a whole while recognizing the importance of the spirit and the harmony in the workplace.

          The goal of Manarom custom program is to develop leaders who can make a difference within the organization through interaction with our team and their peers. Training outcomes differ from one program to the next, as they relate directly to the defined goals of each tailored experience.

          Our workshop, "Spirit in the workplace" has been appreciated by several leading companies and organization in Thailand. There are also many other coursed offered by the Manarom by Manarom Corporate Training Team as follows:


Empathy as a Tool for Successful Leadership
Executive Leadership Programme
Maintaining Objectivity (Boundaries)
In Search of Excellence
Lead and Succeed
Seeds of Greatness
Being the Best
The Psychology of Human Motivation
The New Dynamics of Goal Setting
Group Dynamics

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving Skill
Listening Skill



Conflict Resolution
Knowing Yourself and Others
Asking "Just Right" Business Questions
The Psychology of Winning



Role of Power and Personality
Integrative Being
Congruent Being
Executive EQ
Executive and Happiness
Positive Thinking

Stress Management

Anger for Growth
Letting go
The Joy of Working
Love, Work, Hope

Executive Coaching Program

Stress Management
Mental Exercise
Self Exploration