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Manarom Learning and Development Center  (MLD Center)

provides psychoeducational services to both Thai and expatriate children and adolescents.

Children and adolescents who will benefit from MLD Center includes but not limited to children with attention deficits, hyperactivity,learning disabilities, autism/autistic spectrum, sensory-motor integration, and developmental delay.

Services are provided by a team of qualified professionals comprised of Child psychiatrists, pediatricians, educational, developmental, and clinical psychologists, art therapist, drama therapist, physical therapist and occupational therapists.

Psychoeducation  Assessment
Psychoeducation assessment is the process of obtaining data about the functioning of a child or an adolescent in accordance with current acceptable practices for the purpose of identifying factors that may impact on a child's or an adolescent's progress and instructional program. This information is used to answer referral questions.
The psychoeducational assessments consist of testing of intellectual abilities, emotional and social adjustments, personality, visual and motor functioning, visual motor integration, expressive and receptive language functioning, achievement as well as diagnostic reading and math, and testing of attention and concentration problems. The instruments include interviews of the child/adolescent, parents and/or teachers.


In providing the core services of psycho educational assessment, Manarom psychologists will, as appropriate:

  • Review relevant background information.
  • Observe the student in the educational environment.
  • Conduct functional behavior assessments.
  • Administer, score, and summarize individual assessment instruments.
  • Interpret assessment results and establish relationships to educational performance.
  • Make appropriate recommendations.

Psychoeducational Counseling
The psychoeducational counseling services provide personal and adults, family counseling, art therapy, drama therapy, cognitive and social training programs, and stress and time management.

Personal Counseling
Manarom psychologist/psychiatrist conduct a personal and private interaction with a child or  an adolescent in which they work together on issues which are common struggles among children, adolescents, and their family; e.g. Depression, Anxiety, Destructive Behaviors, Buly, ADHD, and Addictions.

Art Therapy
The focus is on the child’s /adolescent’s inner experience; i.e. feelings, perceptions, and imagination. The art image becomes a verbal exchange between the child/adolescent and the therapist in order to achieve insight, resolve conflicts, solve problems, and formulate new perceptions that in turn lead to positive changes, growth, and healing.

Drama Therapy is the use of theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and to promote mental health. In drama therapy, the child/adolescent tells his/her story to solve a problem, by extending the depth and breadth of an inner experience, seeing conflicting roles while increasing flexibility between roles, and formulating new insights and understanding.


Speech Therapy involves the evaluation and treatment by certified speech therapist for children with

  • Articulation disorders; i.e. problems in articulating words, pitch, fluency, and volume.
  • Language receptive disorders ; i.e. the inability to understand words spoken.
  • Language expressive disorders; i.e. the inability to express oneself.

Consultation is a meeting with concerned staff members and/or parents to discuss primary prevention, to identify reasons for the presenting problem (s) , and/or to develop interventions. Consultation is often part of  pre-referral activities, resulting in successful remediation without the need for further assessment. In providing the core service of consultation, Manarom psychologist/psychiatrist will, as appropriate:

  • Assist parents to understand their  child’s/adolescent’s needs and /or to develop interventions.
  • Assist staff and parents to design a coordinated intervention plan between home and school.
  • Assist in providing an easy transition from one school to another for the child receiving psychological services.
  • Assist with the identification of appropriate modifications and accommodations in classroom settings.

Manarom Learning and Development Center (MLD) provider parents, teachers, school counselors, and psychologists professional training and skills.

  • To promote understanding of childhood disorders.
  • To help develop  intervention activities for school staff and parents.
  • To enhance teachers capacity to create a learning environment that is conducive to good mental health.