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Manarom HR Psychotest Services
A company's workforce represents the organization's most valuable asset. How employees perform their jobs is the key factor in determining the success of the company. However, every individual, either a job applicant or an employee, differs along many dimensions especially in personal characteristics, innate ability, strengths, and weaknesses and motivational levels. Manarom HR Psychotest Services assist your organization through offering better approaches to employee selection that provide an excellent starting point for predicting future success.

Our psychometric tests help you to recruit the best persons available for the jobs.

What are Manarom Psychometric Tests and how can they be useful to HR?
By using our testing services, you can
Manarom HR Psychological Services offer the following Psychometric assessment services:

In addition to interview and observation, Manarom psychometric tests which can be systematically scored are administered to measure individual differences to enhance the quality and quantity of information available when selecting staff.

At Manarom we use psychometric tests to:

Identify personality and ability for recruitment,
  reassignment and promotion purposes
To identify strengths and growth areas for
  personal development
Management and leadership evaluations
Career guidance

Whether you are hiring or want to evaluate current employees, the test offered by Manarom will provide the detailed information you need to make the best possible personnel decision.

Personalize your recruitment and selection process
Maximize the probability that your newly hired
  employees will have the necessary knowledge,
skills, aptitude, and personality to do the jobs they are hired to do well
Screen out candidates who have counter
  productive behavior
Predict effective/ineffective job performance


Personality Inventory-Manarom Center utilizers a   personality profile test that provides an overall evaluation of personality traits as well as how those traits relate to successful management performance, leadership ability and creativity
2. Test of Cognitive Abilities with high validity and utility in the selection process
and remain one of the best predictors of job performance
3. General Aptitude Tests and specific aptitude tests required for certain job
4. Test of Basic Competency- useful in selecting non-managerial, unskilled or
semi-skilled applicant