Piano for Special Children
Piano for Special needs

Piano for learning and development is a holistic approach that applies all dimensions of musical knowledge to acquire sustainable learning process and skill development. Piano is used as a key  instrument to introduce fundamental music skills, create a positive environment of change, and encourage empowerment, adjustment, and improvement of individuals.

The program is appropriate for
• Children with Special Needs: ADHD
• Children with Special Needs: Autistic
• Children with Special Needs: Asperger’s
• Children with Special Needs: Down’s
• Upper five-year-old- Children with
   Intellectual Disabilities who can follow an
   easy order
• Children with speech and communication
• Children with sensory integration

Music Activities such as:
• Listening to favorite songs
• Repeating rhythmic cues (with percussions)
• Playing movement games
• Dancing
• Singing 
• Performing repertoires
• Practicing improvisation 
• Composing easy pieces
• Storytelling and drawing 
• Sharing favored musical fairly tales

Bhanu Charoensermsakul
Pianist for Learning and Development