Modified Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence
The World Health Organization revealed that many substantial health hazards have been associated with smoking. In every 6 minute, 1 person died from smoking - related conditions such as emphysema, heart disease or lung cancer. Cigarettes are dangerous and harmful to your health.

          "Are you addicted to cigarettes?" Try out our questionnaire and put a (/) on the answers that true to your heart.

1. How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?

2. Do you find it difficult not to smoke in places where you shouldn't , such as in church or school, in a movie, at the library, on a bus, in court or in a hospital?

3. Which cigarette would you most hate to give up; which cigarette do you treasure the most?

4. How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?

5. Do you smoke more during the first few hours after waking up than during the rest of the day?

6. Do you still smoke if you are so sick that you are in bed most of the day, or if you have a cold or the flu and have trouble breathing?

Translate : Heatherton TF, et al. Br J Addict 1991; 86 : 1119 - 27.