Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is the play that enhances children’s developments: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.
Play therapy is a natural process in which children express their thoughts and feelings freely. Play Therapy helps children learn about themselves and their relationships. Its helps them process through the issues and struggles in their lives and become happier.

Who does play therapy help?
Play therapy can be helpful for children who are having problems such as:

    •   sad/unhappy, suffered from anxiety, stress, phobias, trauma
    •   emotional & behavioral problems
    •    delayed development
    •   delayed speech, selective mute,
        communication problems       
        academic underachievement
        isolation or social withdrawal/ poor social skills
        low self esteem
        be aggressive, angry, rivalry
        relationship conflicts
        loss, bereavement, grief
        Inappropriate play,
        ill, disabled, autistic, or ADHD?

  • Although Play Therapy is naturally suitable for children, also it can be used with adults, especially for those who have difficulties to express themselves with using words or having traumas in childhood.

    Why Play Therapy?

    • Play is children’s natural mode of expression. It can be used to create the environment that is most often enjoyable and low pressure.
    • Children can express their feelings easier through the play.
    • The therapist provides a safe and understanding environment that encourages children to develop skills that promote healing through play.

      For children, Play is the language of them and toys are their words.

      Through play therapy, the child can gain greater self respect, increased self acceptance and acceptance of their feelings, greater self control, increased decision making and problem solving skills, improved abilities to make choices and find the new ways of being themselves effectively.

Play Therapy Sessions

The session may last from typically 45 to 60 minutes. It will run once or twice a week. A variety of techniques - 'the Play Therapy Toolkit' are used to suit with children’s therapeutic needs.
These may include:

    •   Therapeutic Story Telling
    •   Role Play
    •   Puppets
    •   Sandplay
    •   Art- drawing & painting
    •   Music
    •   Dance & Movement
    •   Clay
    •   Creative Visualisation

Play Therapist
            The play therapist is the therapist who is well-trained on both research and practices in Play Therapy and receives a professional certificate by the play therapy organization.

            In Play Therapy, A safe, confidential and caring environment is created which allows the children to play freely which enriches their imagination and creativity, as well as the children can search their sense of self and fully develop their potential.

The play therapist respects the children as the way they are. The therapist uses play therapy skills to make them feel relaxed and comfortable in order to develop their emotion and self esteem, so they feel good about themselves and live in everyday life happier.