Alcohol Dependence Recovery Program

The Facts

1. Thailand has the highest number of alcohol drinkers in Asia. The second and third are South Korea and Japan, respectively.
2. Thailand has the second highest rate of increase of alcohol drinkers in the world with a growth of 333% between 1988 to 1996.
3. 29.3% of Thai male teenagers over the age of 15 drink alcohol. This translates to 14.9 millions people.

Do you know that :

• 72.7% of all road accidents are the results of drunk driving.
• 45.3% of crimes involving sexual abuse are committed by drinkers.
• Millions of women and children are victims of physical abuse from male alcohol drinkers.
• Alcohol drinkers have a higher chance than non-drinkers of developing the following incurable and fatal diseases:
a. Cirrhosis
b. Cancer in the digestive tract
c. Dementia

Alcohol and Mental Health :

• 51.2% of regular alcohol drinkers suffer from severe stress.
• 48.6% of regular alcohol drinkers are clinically depressed and should seek medical help.
• 11.9% of severe alcoholics want to commit suicide.
• 11.3% of severe alcoholics want to commit homicide.

Additionally, some drinkers can become extremely paranoid and may develop hallucinations.

Do you have the following symptoms? (Cage Test)